Project Management forms the DNA of the unique consultancy offered by Advik.

Temporary in nature, with a clear start and end – project management is the core focus we bring to our clientele to help them manage their scope, costs and timelines.

We believe in the clear focus of a plan; we also believe in change and risk management requiring a plan to be revisited often to ensure the end goals of scope, cost and timelines are maintained.


  1. We have a team of highly skilled project managers for outsourced or in-house work.

  2. Guidance and planning to successfully define your project, seamlessly execute it and comfortably close it

  3. Creating Delivery Frameworks for in-house project management in companies where delivery is their core business

  4. Coaching, Mentoring and Training Project managers and teams

  5. Planning and executing Strategy execution in the difficult areas of change and transformation management

  6. Provision of services as an external “project management office” for project documentation, project audits, project monitoring and control and services of project based certifications.

  7. Creating in-house PMO’s based on the corporate structure and culture i.e. supportive or directive PMO’s